"You going my way, doll?"
My name's Ricki and I'm 16. Harry Potter is my life, Doctor Who is my religion, Avatar: The Last Airbender is my obsession, Sherlock is my division and Ed Sheeran is my oxygen.

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look at the winter soldier’s little gloves though this guy is scraping his bitching metal arm all over the pavement those gloves dont even have fingers they arent protecting shit it’s a 100% aesthetic choice scientists are like “but what if we made him like 20% more badass” “good showing charles, lets give him punk rock hair while we’re at it” 


#god bless every decision the costume department made

"In my years, I’ve encountered people born with rare and unique bending abilities. I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang who was able to firebend with his mind. Why, even metalbending was considered impossible for all of history until our esteemed Chief of Police, Toph Beifong, singlehandedly developed the skill. The overwhelming amount of testimony and evidence has convinced this council that Yakone is one of these unique benders and he exploited his ability to commit these heinous crimes. We find Yakone guilty of all charges and sentence him to life in prison." - 1x09: Out of the Past


i am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones i already own.

was a snap #face

was a snap #face

September 06


fangirl challenge 2.0 » [5/?] families/groups

The Gaang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


A character you’d like to see more of on your dashboard → Ron Weasley
"Why are they all staring?"demanded Albus, as he and Rose craned to look at the other students.
"Don’t let it worry you," said Ron. "It’s me. I’m extremely famous."

Tell you what. Throw a little hot-rod red in there.

Jerk bending. Still got it.

September 03


idk i really like being called cute but i also really like hearing that you masturbate to the thought of me idk